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Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Listed below are answers for some of the common questions we're asked...

What do I do if...

Q: I forgot to put my trash out, what should I do?
A: Feel free to call us. We will either come pick it up at a later hour or pick it up the following business day.

Q: You missed a pick-up today, what happens now?
A: If for some reason we missed your house, we will do our best to come back the same day or we will come back the next business day. On occasion we may miss a house due to weather complications(snow,ice, flooding, fallen tree...), construction or vehicles blocking the way, etc... Please call us if we missed you.

Q: What do I do with my tree after the Holiday Season?
A: You can call us to schedule a tree removal. We offer Christmas tree removal at the end of the Holiday season every year. We keep a list as we see them put out and usually pick them up the first or second week of January. Costs range from 15-20 dollars depending on size and will be added to your bill.

Q: In the fall, what do I do with all the leaves collected from my yard?
A: Leaves are not permitted at the transfer station. The town picks them up for free during November provided they are put in PAPER leaf bags and placed on the curb. There is no set schedule.

Q: What do I do with brush, branches, leaves and other yard waste?
A:  Leaves and brush are not permitted at the transfer station. In most cases, you must bring it to the town brush dump located @ 180 Bayberry Lane Westport, CT. Please call us with any questions.

Q: I just moved into my home, what do I do with packing and moving materials?
A: Please call us to schedule an appointment for a moving box/packing material pick-up.

Q: I have old appliances that I'd like to get rid of. What do I do?
A: We'll gladly come pickup your old appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc... Removal of these items is subject to a disposal fee and must be done by appointment. Please call us for  pricing and to schedule an appointment.

Q: What do I do with Hazmat materials?
A: Hazmat (hazardous materials) items cannot be taken in the regular trash stream. They are collected on special Hazmat days in Westport and surrounding Towns. Please call the Department of Public Works @ 203-341-1120 or check the Westport Town website. Please go to the "Links" page and click on the HAZMAT link.



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